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I am a feminist lawyer with a passion for teaching, writing, and reading. My PhD titled “Who is the ‘Woman’ in Human Rights Law: Narratives of Women’s Bodies and Sexuality in Reproduction Jurisprudence” is a trans-disciplinary project about gender, power, health and reproduction. After finishing law school (Tartu University) in my native country Estonia I moved to Norway to do a Master’s Degree at Oslo University (LLM in Public International Law). I submitted the LLM thesis and returned to Estonia to start working for the Estonian Parliament as a legal advisor. Meanwhile I found out that my application for the Fulbright scholarship had been successful, so in August 2012 I started another LLM (International Legal Studies) at Georgetown University. It was at Georgetown where I discovered the field of reproductive rights, and was encouraged by peers and professors to do a PhD. I went back to my job with the Estonian Parliament after graduating from Georgetown and also started teaching Constitutional Law at Tartu University. After a year in Estonia I moved to Florence in August 2014 and begun my PhD journey, which has so far taught me to challenge, question and think critically about my own discipline, inspired two academic papers, and taken me to FXB Center at Harvard University (summer 2015), ReproSoc at Cambridge University (spring 2017), Centre for Cultures of Reproduction, Technologies and Health (autumn 2017) for research fellowships. From January-April 2018 I am based at Women’s Link Worldwide.

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