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  • 2020     Sustainable consumption: the right to a healthy environment, Amaral A, Almeida L, Klein Vieira L (eds.), Springer, 500p.
  • 2019     Transformation of economic law – essays in honor to Hans-W. MicklitzAlmeida L, Durovic M, Gamito M, Purnhagen K (eds.), Hart Publishing, 432p.
  • Book Chapters
  • 2020    Almeida, L.Standardization of Standard Contracts: Fairness in EU Energy Exchanges, In Micklitz, H., Gamito, M. (eds.), The role of the EU in Transnational Legal Ordering: Standards, Contracts, and Codes, Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • 2020     Amaral A, Almeida L, Vieira L, Looking back to Looking Forward: A Future Research Agenda for Sustainable Consumption, Law and Development. In Amaral A, Almeida L, Vieira L (eds.), Sustainable Consumption: the right to a healthy environment, Springer.
  • 2020     Amaral A., Almeida L, Vieira L, Sustainable Consumption and the Law.  In Amaral A, Almeida L, Vieira L. (eds.), Sustainable Consumption: the right to a healthy environment, Springer 
  • 2019     Almeida L, Esposito F (2020) In Search of a Grand Theory of European Private Law: Social Justice, Access Justice, Societal Justice and Energy Markets. In Almeida L, Durovik M, Gamito M, Purnhagen K (eds.), Transformation of Economic Law: In Honour to Hans W-Micklitz, Hart Publishing.
  • 2019    Almeida L, Gamito M, Micklitz H, Institutional Co-operation in Private Law beyond the Hague Convention and towards Standard Bodies. In Ramses WOdermatt J (eds.), Research Handbook on the European Union Engagement with International Organization, Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • 2018     Esposito F, Almeida LA Shocking Truth for Law and Economics: The Internal Market for Electricity Explained with Consumer Welfare. In Mathis K, Huber B (eds.). Energy Law and Economics, Economic Analysis of Law in European Legal Scholarship, Springer, p. 101-136.
  • Peer-Reviewed Articles
  • 2019     Almeida LPrivate energy law in the clean energy package: rights, remedies, and procedures, Special issue on The Energy Union in the Next Decade, Oil, Gas & Energy Law Journal, p. 20.
  • 2019    Almeida LSoS back-and-forth? Minimum v. exhaustive harmonization of the right to be protected customers in gas supply crises: “Eni and Others”, European Energy and Environmental Law Review, Vol. 28, Ed. 3, May/June, 18p.
  • 2018     Almeida LRise and fall of the classic concept of private law: lessons from the legal consciousness of European private law, Revista DESC – Direito, Econômia e Sociedade Contemporânea, No 1, Volume 1, Jul/Dez 2018, p. 95-128.