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List of publications

Refereed journal articles

Schmitz, L., Eimer, T.R. (2020). From coherence to coheritization: explaining the rise of policy coherence in EU external policy. Globalizations 17(4): 629-647. DOI:

Book chapters

Gerlak, A.K., Eimer, T.R., Brisbois, M.K., MillsNovoa, M., Schmitz, L., Luimers J., & Abernethy, P. (2020). Power(ful) and Power(less): A Review of Power in the ESG Scholarship. In: M. Betsil, T. Benney & A. Gerlak (Eds.), Agency in Earth Governance (pp. 65-72). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Eimer, T.R., Schmitz, L. (2020). Corona and Coronization.

Olivet, C., Vervest, P. & Schmitz, L. (2015). Central and Eastern European
countries at the crossroads. Why governments should reject
investment arbitration in TTIP. TNI Policy Brief, June 2015. Download: