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Since September 2019, I am a PhD doctoral researcher at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. At the EUI, I work under the supervision of Professor Claire Kilpatrick in the field of European Union (social) law.

My main research interests are in EU law, social law and its relationship with political science and sociology. Through my PhD project, I strive to expose how EU law constructs the status of young workers in the labour market, hence how it shapes their integration into the labour market. Despite the social sphere of legislation remaining a competence of the Member States, EU law does affect young workers in many ways, for instance, through legislation on atypical work or the 1994 young workers directive. Thus, my work investigates on two levels: first, it shall expose how EU law affects the young worker. Second, it is also a process about an evolution in EU law in a specific domain of rule-making.

Before joining the EUI, I worked as a trainee for the German Foreign Affairs Ministry in section EU-K, which coordinates the German efforts in the European Union. Furthermore, I hold a two-year Master in Law from Sciences Po (Paris), during which I started to acquire expertise on the relation between EU law and Europe’s youth. Additionally, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Sciences Po (Paris), which explains my research interest at the intersection of the two disciplines.