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List of publications

1.  Cozzani M., Fallesen P., Passaretta G., Härkönen J., & Bernardi F. (forthcoming). The Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Fertility and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from Spanish Birth Registers. Population and Development Review. [Link to Working Paper]

2. Conte Keivabu R., Cozzani M. (2022). Extreme Heat, Birth Outcomes, and Socio-economic Heterogeneity. Demography.

3. Cozzani M., Triventi M., Bernardi F. (2021). Maternal Stress and Pregnancy Outcomes. Evidence from a Natural Experiment: the 2004 Madrid Train Bombing. European Sociological Review.

4. Bernardi, F., & Cozzani, M. (2021). Soccer Scores, Short-Term Mood and FertilityEuropean Journal of Population

5. Cozzani M., Aradhya S., Goisis A. (2021). The cognitive development from childhood to adolescence of low birth weight children born after medical assisted reproduction – A UK longitudinal cohort study. International Journal of Epidemiology.

6. Bernardi F., Cozzani M., Zanasi F. (2021).  Social inequality and the risk of living in a nursing home: implications for the COVID-19 pandemic. Genus.

7.  Cozzani M., Härkönen J. (forthcoming). The Influence of Early Health on Educational and Socio-economic Outcomes. In R. Hoffmann (Ed.), Handbook of Health Inequalities Across the Life Course. Edward Elgar Publishing.