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My name is Mari, and I’m a phd researcher at the EUI. My project is about a group of Scandinavian left-wing intellectuals in the early Cold War period, grouped around the two journals Orientering and Dialog: Dansk Tidsskrift for Kultur. I’m particularly interested in the circulation and exchange of ideas between these intellectuals, and this is the core of my thesis.

Before I came to the EUI, I received all of my education in Oslo, Norway. I have a BA (2012) and an MA (2014) in history from the University of Oslo, as well as a BA in journalism (2010) from Oslo University College. From 2008 to 2014 I worked as a journalist, and from 2014 to 2015 I worked as a research assistant at the University of Oslo.

Papers and publications

2017: ‘Frozen out: Neutralising Norwegian intellectuals from the post-war social democracy.’ Presentation at the international workshop Consolidation of Power: Patterns of Integration after Crises and Upheavals at the EUI.

2016: ‘Mykje meir enn Mussolini,’ book review of Elisabetta Cassina Wolff: Italias politiske historie (2015) in Fortid: Historiestudentenes tidsskrift vol. 13 (3), 2016.

2016: ‘Is the intellectual-historical toolkit “period-neutral”?’ Presentation at the EUI School of Intellectual History workshop.

2016: ‘Johan Vogt as a public intellectual advocating for freedom of speech in the Soviet satellite states — a case-study.’ Paper presented at the international workshop Transnational Exchanges between the Nordic Left and the Soviet bloc: Dialogue and Impulses towards Political, Economic and Social Change during the Cold War at Aalborg University, Denmark.

2014: ‘Av menn, om menn, for menn,’ op-ed on the lack of women in the teaching and writing of history in Norway. Aftenposten 15 May 2014.

2014: Kommunismens medløparar? Fem norske venstreintellektuelle og haldningane deira til Sovjetunionen i perioden 1945-1948. Master’s thesis (unpublished), University of Oslo, 2014.