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Mariusz Kaczka’s dissertation focuses on Ottoman-Polish encounters in the eighteenth century. Building on the premises of microhistory, new diplomatic history, and connected history Mariusz argues provocatively that southern Poland-Lithuania belonged to the Ottoman Mediterranean. Mariusz’ dissertation focuses on the persona of Paweł Benoe aka Paul Benoît (ca. 1685-1755), an information master, and diplomat. A self-made man, of half-French, half-Polish origin, Benoe married a Greek Phanariot woman, learned Turkish, and made a distinguished career in Poland-Lithuania from nobody to king’s council. Mariusz’ work is populated with a myriad of actors, border crossers and go-betweens whose lives he uses to write microhistorical studies of border management, cross-border networking, border making, diplomatic travel, sociability, multilingualism, and gift-giving.