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“Diversifying into a Dead-End? Failed Transformations in the Rentier States of the Gulf” Paper presented at the Middle East Directions Research Meeting, Florence. (2016)

“Bourdieu in Beirut: Wasta, the State and Social Reproduction” (with Paul Tabar) in Middle East Critique, 25.3 (forthcoming 2016)

“Clandestine Circulation: Social Reproduction in the Shadow of the State.” PhD Thesis, European University Institute, Florence. (2014)

“Halal Ignorance: Religion and Domination in Saudi Arabia” Paper presented at BRISMES Graduate Conference, LSE, London. (2012)

“The Evolution of Unwritten Rules: A Comparison of Blat and Wasta” Paper presented at Mediterranean Research Meeting, Montecatini Terme. (2012)