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List of publications


Wymogi formalne w umowach konsumenckich (Formal requirements in consumer contracts), C.H. Beck, Warsaw 2018

Skutki braku zachowania formy szczególnej oświadczenia woli (Consequences of non-compliance with formal requirements for declarations of intent), C.H. Beck, Warsaw 2017

S. Grundmann, M. Grochowski (eds.), European Contract Law and the Creation of Norms, Antwerp: 2020 [forthcoming]

Other selected publications

Consumer law in Poland: or There and Back Again, in: H.-W. Micklitz (ed.) History of European Consumer law, (together with A. Wiewiórowska-Domagalska) [forthcoming]

Default Rules Beyond the State: Special-Purpose Lawmakers in the Platform Economy, in: S. Grundmann, M. Grochowski (eds.), European Contract Law and the Creation of Norms, Antwerp: 2020 [forthcoming]

Inheritance of the social media accounts in Poland, 27 European Review of Private Law (2019), No. 5

Economic exclusion as a cascade exclusion predictor. Case study of loan companies in Poland, Polish Sociological Review (2019), No. 4 (together with I. Jakubowska-Branicka)

Spontaneous Order in the Sharing Economy? A Research Agenda, 13 Studia Prawa Prywatnego (2018), No. 2

Commentary to Articles 10, 25 – 27, in: Ch. Busch, G. Dannemann, H. Schulte-Nölke, A. Wiewiórowska-Domagalska (eds.), Discussion Draft of a Directive on Online Intermediary Platforms. Commentary, Jagiellonian University Press, Cracow 2020

Formal requirements in EU private law: the framework of “new formalism”, 12 Studia Prawa Prywatnego (2017), No. 1

The practical potential of the DCFR Judgment of the Swedish Supreme Court (Högsta domstolen) of 3 November 2009, Case T 3-08, 9 European Review of Contract Law (2013), No. 1