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Mateusz works on theory of contract law, consumer protection, and the impact of new technologies on private law. In these fields he focuses primarily on the creation of norms in online contracting, with particular regard to self-regulation and decentralization of a state’s governance tasks. He has been also working on intersections between contract law and fundamental rights, especially on the role and nature of the principle of proportionality and equal treatment in contracting.

In his current work he focuses on the impact of new technologies on contract law and the modern theory of sources of private law, with particular regard to self-regulation and the theory of default rules. He carries out research on non-discrimination and consumer protection schemes developed in the platform economy (with particular regard to the sharing economy and online auction platforms). Within this ambit, his principal aim is to explore the self-regulatory potential of online platforms, elaborate the relevant analytical framework, and tackle legal and socio-political quandaries of private enterprise as a governor of markets.