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List of publications


(under review) Anatomy of the Everyday: Power and Resistance under the Libyan Arab al-Jamahiriyah.

Journal Articles: 

(2021) ‘From Human Smuggling to State Capture: Furthering Neoliberal Governance in North Africa’. In: Journal of Labor and Society,  24(3), 440-466. doi:

(2020) ‘The War and the Economy: The Gradual Destruction of Libya’ In: Review of African Political Economy   47(166).

(2018) ‘Sketches of the Everyday’ In: Middle East Critique 27(4).   

(2014) ‘Guest Editors’ Note: The Libyan Event and the Part for the Whole’ (with Igor Cherstich), In: Middle East Critique 23(4): 379-385.   

(2014) The Libyan Drawers: ‘Stateless Society,’ ‘Humanitarian Intervention,’ ‘Logic of Exception,’ and ‘Traversing the Phantasy’ In: Middle East Critique 23(4): 387-404.   

(2014) ‘The Idea of the Islamic State in Libyan Politics since Independence’ (with Karim Mezran), In: Storia del Pensiero Politico III(3): 423-438.   

(2013) ‘Understanding Libya’s Revolution through Transformation of the Jamahiriyya into a State of Exception’ In: Middle East Critique 22(2): 115-128. 


Working Papers: 

(forthcoming) How Neoliberalism Fosters State Capture: Insights from Tunisia, EU-LISTCO.

(2020) Researching Resilience: Implications For Case Studies In Europe’s Neighbourhoods, EU-LISTCO (with D. Cadier and K. Eickhoff) 

(2019) Libya Country Report, EU-LISTCO, (with J. Czerep, A. Dessì, G. Sanchez). 

Special Issues: 

(2018) ‘Studying the Everyday in the Middle East: Power, Performance and Survival’ In: Middle East Critique 27(4).   

(2014) (with Igor Cherstich): ‘The Multiple Narratives of the Libyan Revolution’ In: Middle East Critique 23(4).


(forthcoming) ‘Wars, Capital and the MENA Region’ In: Project of Middle East Political Science (POMEPS).

(2011) ‘La Crisi in Libia’ In: Nicola Pedde, Karim Mezran, Valter Cassar (eds.) Panorama (Rome: Gan). 

Book Reviews: 

(2020) ‘Empire of Guns’ In: Journal of European Economic History.

(2016) ‘Colonial Biopolitics’ In: Middle East Critique 25(1): 63-70. 

Blog Contributions:

(2020) Warring Libya: an outpost of global class war, ROAPE Blog.

(2020) Libia: un avamposto della guerra di classe globale, Contropiano.