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News: From November 2019 until June 2020 I’m based in Bamako, Mali. 

Hi there!

I’m a PhD Researcher in Political and Social Science at the EUI. Additionally, I am a member of the external doctoral school of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). 

In my PhD thesis, I’m looking at the micro-dynamics in armed conflicts and the subsequent role of humanitarian organizations. I want to disentangle the motives behind attacks against aid workers. Methodologically, my project combines causal modeling of spatial conflict event data with qualitative methods, such as interviews with aid workers who have been working in conflict zones.

Technically, I’m trained as a political scientist with a special focus on conflict studies. My broad research interests are in the fields of conflict dynamics, research methods and computational social science. But the nature of my PhD project and the influential guidance of my supervisor (Prof. Diego Gambetta) let me enjoy an intellectual multi-track drift experience in-between Sociology and Political Science. 

My previous experience includes work with local NGOs in Ethiopia and Ghana, with the UN Secretariat in New York, and as a media designer. My unique background as a media designer has provided me with easy access to different coding languages and the visual presentation of data. This is why I am currently also specializing in information visualization. There is a huge need for data to be presented in a way that it is understood by experts and non-experts alike.

I hold an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Oslo and a BA in Political Science, Law and Islamic Studies from the University of Zurich.