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Research Interests

Migration history, Women’s history, Religious history, Cultural Identity, Transnational history  and Marginalised Communities.

Current Research

“To Holy People and Holy Ground”: Danish Latter-day Saint Immigrant Women, Community and Culture 1850-1920


Approximately 17,000 Danish Latter-day Saints immigrated to Utah between 1850-1914. Compared to other Danes, Latter-day Saints were unique in the religious motivation of their migration, their settlement of Utah, and the much higher percentage of women amongst the migrants. In late nineteenth century Utah, Danes represented the largest non-English ethnic group. This study explores the experiences of Danish immigrant women in Utah as they negotiated their experience as Danish immigrants, U.S. American frontier pioneers, Latter-day Saints and changing gender roles. This study focuses on the cultural identification of Danish Latter-day Saint immigrant women and the communities they engaged in, including a transcultural community between Denmark and Utah, a Danish ethnic community in Utah and a wider community of Latter-day Saint women in the Utah territory.