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Mikkel Munthe Jensen is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies and Research Centre Gotha (University Erfurt), where he is working within the framework of Natural Law 1625-1850. An International Project. The 22nd March 2018, Mikkel Munthe Jensen was awarded the doctoral title in History and Civilization from the European University Institute after having defended his dissertation titled “From Learned Cosmopolitanism to Scientific Inter-Nationalism – The Patriotic Transformation of Nordic Academia and Academic Culture during the Long Eighteenth Century”. His main working areas are within in the field of History of Science, Social and Cultural History and University History. 

Since May 2016, Mikkel Munthe Jensen has been a Management Committee Member (Denmark) in the COST Action project “Reassembling the Republic of Letters“, directed by Oxford Professor Howard Hotson. He is also project coordinator and co-developer of the digital visualisation and exploration tool VIA, Virtual Itineraries of Academics.  

Moreover, Mikkel Munthe Jensen has held guest lectures at Tübingen University, Germany and at the EUI, Italy. He has also taught at University of Florence and has until January 2017 worked as research assistant and tutor in digital humanities (prosopographies, mapping and visualisations) at the European University Institute.

Mikkel Munthe Jensen hold degrees from Copenhagen University (Candidatus Magisterii, MA) and (Bachelor of Arts).