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List of publications

Working papers

  • “Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey proxies wars in the case of Syria’s civil war”. Work in progress

Conference presentations and invited talks

  • “Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey proxy war in the case of Syria”, Swiss Political Science Association, Annual Conference, Lucerne, 3-4 February 2020 
  • “Conceptualizing proxy war: The case of Syria”, London School of Economics, European
    Graduate Network Conference, London, 10-12 April 2019 
  • “The case of Syria’s proxy war”, Societa Italiana di Scienze Politica, Panel on “Proxy wars and the reshaping of social order”, Torino, 6-8 September 2018  
  • “Neoclassical realism and proxy wars. The cases of Syria and Yemen” 3rd NASP International Workshop on Conflicts and Institutions, Genova, 26 June 2018 
  • “Causal mechanisms of Proxy wars”, ECPR Winter School, Bamberg, February 2018 
  • “Proxy wars in the international system”, Olympia Summer Academy, June 2017 
  • “e-Governance and e-Democracy Today”, 1st students’ conference at “Computer Applications and Management Methodologies” held in University of Macedonia, 5 November 2010. (in Greek)  

Other publications

  • “e-Governance and e-Democracy Today”, Computer Applications and Management Methodologies, 5 November 2010. (in Greek) 
  • “Τhe rise of Far-right Parties in Europe”, Polecon (GRAPESS’s Journal), Vol.1, (2012). (in Greek) (with L. Basdeki, I. Losinskagia, E. Spitadaki)
  • “Can Rumors Be True? Analyzing the Economic and Political Situation in Four European Countries”, e-ΔΕΣ(Electronic Students’ Journal of University of Macedonia), Vol.1, (2012). (in Greek) (with M. Papanikolaou)