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Niels Selling is a fourth year doctoral researcher at the European University Institute. He is specialised in the fields of lobbying, interest groups, and political economy. Currently, he is writing his dissertation under the title “Lobbying Alone? Political Fragmentation and Unity Among Large Firms”, supervised by Professor Pepper D. Culpepper. The dissertation explores the political behaviour of large multinationals and what explains their ability (or lack thereof) to promote a common political agenda.

Niels Selling has previously worked at the Institute for Future Studies in a project on the professionalisation of politics and has been affiliated to the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. He is currently a visiting researcher at Collegio Carlo Albero, in Turin.

In his latest book, Välfärdslobbyisten [The Welfare Lobbyist], Niels chronicles the lobbying efforts by the private welfare industry in Sweden together with Håkan Tenelius and explains the political strategies and outcomes of their activities.