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List of publications

Kholmatova, N. (2019).Unveiling Gendered Relations: Women Migrants and Family Migration from Tajikistan. In ed. volume “Mobilities and informality in former socialist spaces”, Palgrave. Manuscript in Preparation. 

Kholmatova, N. (2018). Changing the Face of Labor Migration? The Feminization of Migration from Tajikistan to Russia. In M. Laruelle, S. Caress (Ed.), Eurasia on the Move. Interdisciplinary Approaches to a Dynamic Migration Region (pp. 205). Washington, D.C.: Central Asia Program, The George Washington University.

Kholmatova, N. (2015). Abandoned Migrant Families and Government Intervention: The Case of Northern Tajikistan (Unpublished master’s thesis). The University of Amsterdam. Netherlands   

Nasritdinov, E., Rayapova, R., Kholmatova, N., Damirbek, E., & Igoshina, N. (2010). Informal economy and social vulnerability in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan: Bishkek: AUCA.