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Norman Aselmeyer is a historian in the Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Previously, he was a Research Associate at Freie Universität Berlin in Germany, where he also served as Assistant Editor of Geschichte und Gesellschaft. He has held fellowships at the German Historical Institute in London (2016) and at the University of Nairobi, Department of History and Archaeology, in Kenya (2017). Currently, he is a visiting researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Since September 2015, he is working on a dissertation on spatial transformations in East Africa caused by the construction of the Uganda Railway (see ‘Research’). His work is supervised by Lucy Riall and Stéphane Van Damme. Norman’s current research interests include, inter alia, the global history of East Africa and the Indian Ocean, food history, the history of health and disease, and the history and theory of historiography (see ‘Publications’).

Together with Veronika Settele, he founded the interdisciplinary Working Group “Food and Health” at Freie Universität Berlin ( The working group regularly holds conferences and workshops. The results are published in popular media and scientific literature.

For more information, please visit his Academia page.