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List of publications

Media appearances/Interviews:

 (2019). ​Rechtspopulismus und sociale medien: Die Zensur führt zu mehr Wut.​ ​ [Right-wing populism and social media: Censorship leads to more anger]. Interview in ​Reporter ​ .  

(2019). ​Warum Rechter Populismus in Luxemburg (noch) nicht wirkt.​ ​ [Why right-wing populism does not (yet) work in Luxembourg] Interview in ​Reporter.  

Peer-reviewed articles:

Klein, O. & Pirro, A.L.P.  (2020). Reverting trajectories? UKIP’s organisational and discursive
change after the Brexit referendum. Information, Communication & Society. 

Klein, O. (2020). Misleading Memes: The effects of deceptive visuals of the British National Party. Participazione & Conflitto. (special issue on Cultural Populism by Manuela Caiani & Enrico Padoan)

Klein, O., & Muis, J. (2018). Online discontent: Comparing Western European Far Right groups on Facebook. European Societies, 1-23.

Book chapters:

Muis, J.C., Klein, O., & Dijkstra, G., (September 2020). Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media Research. Using Twitter and Facebook to investigate far-right discourses. Book chapter in Researching the Far Right: theory, method and practice. Routledge Studies in Fascism and the Far Right.

Bhat, P., & Klein, O. (August 2020). Covert Hate Speech: White Nationalists and Dog Whistle Communication on Twitter.  Bouvier, G & Rosenbaum, J. E. (eds).  Twitter, the Public Sphere, and the Chaos of Online DeliberationPalgrave Macmillan.

Klein, O. How is the far-right capitalizing COVID-19? (2020). Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic by the Radical RightHannover: Ibidem-Verlag)

Media contributions:

How is the far-right capitalizing COVID-19? Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. (April, 2020) [Republished in E-Extreme, 21(2)] [Republished in Radical Right-Wing Responses to COVID-19, (2020) Hannover: Ibidem-Verlag)].

What’s in a name? Rebranding Racist Legacies. Published by Fair Observer and by Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. (March 2020).

The effects of censoring the far-right online. Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. (2020). [Republished by Vox-Pol, July 2020]

Share if this makes your blood boil! Information representation and emotions in far-right visuals. (2019). International Society of Political Pscychology. (winner early scholars blogging contest). 

The Evolution of Political Internet Memes. (2019). Harvard Kennedy School Review. (winner blog pitch contest).

Manipulative memes: How internet memes can distort the truth. (2018). Oxford Internet Institute. 

LOLitiek: Politieke humor als uiting van onvrede. (2014). VU University Amsterdam.

Blue Zones, Happy at the age of 100. (2013). Amsterdam Social Science. 

Social Media Politics. (2013). Amsterdam Social Science. 

Book review:

Klein, O. (2019). Review of Programmed Inequality, Marie Hicks (MIT Press). Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. Available at: 

Academic report:

Klandermans, B., Stekelenburg, J. van, Duijndam, C., Honari, A., Muis, J., Slootman, M., Welschen, S., Klein, O., Mahieu, G. (2016). Bedreigde Identiteiten: De wisselwerking tussen anti-islambewegingen en de radicale islam. Scientific Research and Documentation Centre of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice.