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I am a Norwegian citizen born in Sweden. Before becoming a researcher I had lots of different jobs, including teacher, garbage man, shop assistant and NGO worker. I have BAs in both literature and history from the University of Oslo and an MA in history from the same place. I also have an MA in Research from the European University Institute. I’ve done exchanges and stints at London University of Arts, Universidad de San Marcos in Lima and Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires. As a graduate student I’ve been a visiting researcher at Stanford University and the University of Oslo.

I’ve published two books, Lisboa  (2013) and Franz Borkenau – Europa 1900 – 1957 (2014), plus several essays and op-eds. Part of my ongoing research has been published as the article “Nyliberalisme – filosofi eller politisk rasjonalitet” in the Norwegian journal Agora, and the article “Markets, Knowledge and Human Nature” has been accepted for publication in European History Quarterly.

I see history as a social science, and study the past with the hope of understanding more of how the world got to be the way it is today.