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I am a Ph.D. researcher in the Law Department of the European University Institute from the United Kingdom. I received my LL.M. from the EUI, and a BA Jurisprudence degree from the University of Oxford (St. John’s College). My areas of interest are European Union law, national constitutional law, and legal and political theory.

My research focuses on the phenomena of opt-outs and withdrawals from the European Union’s (so-claimed) supranational constitutional order. In addition to posting on my personal blog, I have been published on the EUI Constitutionalism and Politics Blog,  the European Law Blog, Verfassungsblog, and the UK Constitutional Law Association Blog. I have also had a journal length piece published as an EUI Law Department Working Paper, an editorial published in the European Journal of Legal Studies, and a book review published in the International Journal of Constitutional Law. Additionally, I am on the editorial boards of the European Journal of Legal Studies and the European Law Blog.