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I am doing Ph.D. in Sociology focusing on the effects of personal values on family processes and the effects of occupational experiences on personal values. I use theory from social psychology to define and conceptualize values and relate this to sociological perspectives on gender and the life-course.

In my previous education, I attained a B.A. Majoring in Psychology with a minor in History from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. The focus of my thesis was eudaimonic well-being and its relation to personal values. This resulted in a publication in the Journal of Positive Psychology. I then went on to do a Masters of Science in Sociology at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands. The thesis examined the effects of the labor market institutions and education systems on the inequality of educational attainment in Europe. 

During my education and research, I have covered a wide range of topics including well-being, personal values, social class, occupational structures and experiences, family and intrahousehold processes. I use the life-course and gender as perspectives which focus my research. My primary interest is how gender and personal values produce social inequalities.