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List of publications

Peer reviewed articles/Book chapters/Books

Conferences and media engagements

  • Presented on ‘Thinking about cultural rights through Irular dance’ at the Methodologies for Imagining an Alternative Politics of (Human) Rights conference at the London School of Economics (virtual, June 2023).
  • Panelist in a roundtable conversation with Prof. Kimberley Crenshaw on ‘Combating culture wars, fighting racial justice’ at the European University Institute (Florence, June 2023).
  • Presented a paper titled ‘Caste in the Covenants’ at the Caste and Diplomacy workshop (Leiden, May 2023).
  • Presented a paper titled ‘Constructing a sensory alternative to the Ongwen judgment’ as part of the ‘Lights and Shadows in the Ongwen Case at the International Criminal Court: Inter- and Multi-disciplinary Approaches (virtual, October 2022) and at the Edinburgh Centre for Global and International Law (Edinburgh, March 2023).
  • Presented on ‘Unpacking expert authority: The case of Italy’s UNESCO taskforce’ at the University of Liverpool (Liverpool, March 2023), EUI inter-disciplinary expert authority cluster (Florence, May 2022) and at La Sapienza University’s conference on the ‘Intentional Destruction of the Cultural Heritage of Mankind (IDCHM): What Are the Remedies under International Law?’ (Rome, December 2021).
  • Presented on ‘Rearticulating cultural rights using Global South epistemologies: Fieldwork with the Irulars’ at the Socio-Legal Studies Association annual conference (Derry, April 2023), Amsterdam Centre for International Law (Amsterdam, November 2022), 10th Kings’ India Institute Graduate Conference (London, June 2022), the Sociolegal Studies Association conference (York, April 2022), and the Michigan Law School Junior Scholars Conference (virtual, April 2022), ASIL Mid-Year meeting Research Forum (virtual, November 2021), Annual South Asia Legal Studies Workshop (virtual, October 2021), and the Asian Law and Society Association (virtual, September 2021), and the Asian Society of International Law Biennial Conference PhD workshop (virtual, May 2021).
  • Presented on ‘Positionality in fieldwork’ at the Women in the Field in South Asia Network, University of Cambridge (virtual, November 2022).
  • Guest speaker on ‘Human rights violations in Kashmir’ at the MUNISH conference (The Hague, November 2022).
  • Discussant and Chair for a panel on ‘Comparative legal cultures’, Law and Society Association conference (virtual, July 2022).
  • Panellist in a roundtable on ‘Early Career International Law Academia’ organized by the New Professionals Interest Group of the American Society of International Law (virtual, June 2022).
  • Panellist in roundtable on ‘Free and fearless academic language’ at the Native Speech workshop: On race, coloniality, and language at the EUI (Florence, May 2022).
  • Chair of ‘Human Rights’ panel at the 11th Annual Cambridge International Law conference (virtual, March 2022).
  • Panellist in a roundtable discussion on ‘Diversity in International Law Making’ as part of the Canadian Council on International Law’s 2021 Conference (virtual, October 2021).
  • Panellist at a curated session on ‘Rethinking Cultural Diversity: Discrimination and Difference in Europe and Beyond’ at the EU Fundamental Rights Forum (Vienna, October 2021).
  • Presented a paper titled ‘Comparing International Criminal Tribunals‘ Interpretative Approaches to International Humanitarian Law’ at the Palacký University’s conference on The ICC‘s Contribution to Development and Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law (virtual, February 2021).
  • Presented a paper titled ‘Recalibrating reflexivity in international criminal justice using The Gambia v. Myanmar’ at the Trinity College Dublin Student Colloquium (virtual, February 2021) and the 2nd Doctoral Forum on International Law organized by the EUI (virtual, February 2021).

Blogposts and other outputs

  • R. Viswanath and T. Rao, Reflection on spatiality in international law, International Law and Global South (October 2022).
  • Interview with the PhD Talk podcast (August 2022).
  • R. Viswanath and T. Rao, Querying #ILTwitter as a Tweetling, OpinioJuris symposium on challenges for early career researchers in international law (March 2022).
  • Interview with the PhD HardTalk podcast (October 2021).
  • R. Viswanath and J. Wiseman, People versus (State-centric) international cultural heritage law – Is human rights the mediator?, Lawyers Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation (February 2021).
  • R. Viswanath, To detain or not to detain?, Intl Law Girls (October 2020).
  • Co-author of PILPG’s amicus intervention in the Bosco Ntaganda appeal before the International Criminal Court (September 2020).
  • R. Viswanath, A stitch in time: Examining the Ayyash et. al. judgment, International Law Association Reporter (October 2020).
  • Interview with the Jus Cogens podcast (May 2020).
  • R. Viswanath, Admitting evidence of fact-finding missions: Where does the buck stop, Lawyering Justice (January 2020).
  • R. Viswanath, International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973 and the Principle of Legality, Oxford South Asian Law Discussion Group (July 2019).
  • R. Viswanath, Right to consent to military intervention: Limited or not?, Cambridge International Law Journal blog (March 2019).
  • R. Viswanath, Understanding indigenous peoples’ rights: Collective or individual?, Oxford Human Rights Hub (November 2017).