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Work in progress

  • Race, racism, and economic, social, and cultural rights: Authoring a chapter for an upcoming OUP Handbook on Race, Racism, and International Law (2024).
  • Caste in diplomacy:  Authoring an article on the caste locations of Asian diplomats involved in the making of the ICESCR for a special issue of Hague Journal of Diplomacy (2023).
  • Epistemic injustice: Authoring a chapter on epistemic injustice in the indigeneity jurisprudence of the African Commission of Humans and Peoples Rights for a Palgrave handbook on Sociolegal Studies of Epistemic Injustice in Spaces and Places (2023) and a journal article on indigenous epistemologies in transitional justice.
  • Multisensory readings of law: Co-authoring a paper provisionally titled ‘Constructing a sensory alternative to the Ongwen judgment’ for a special issue of the International Criminal Law Review.