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Recent peer-reviewed papers
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Environment, Climate Change, Migration and Population

STOJANOV, R.; DUŽÍ, B.; KELMAN, I.; NĚMEC, D.; PROCHÁZKA, D. (2017): Local perceptions of climate change impacts and migration patterns in Malé, Maldives. The Geographical Journal, DOI: 10.1111/geoj.12177

STOJANOV, R.; BOAS, I.; KELMAN, I.; DUŽÍ, B. (2017): Local expert experiences and perceptions of environmentally induced migration from Bangladesh to India. Asia Pacific Viewpoint,  DOI: 10.1111/apv.12156

STOJANOV, R.; KELMAN, I.; NĚMEC, D.; PROCHÁZKA, D.; DUŽÍ, B. (2017): Climate Change and Migration in MaldivesGeorgetown Journal of International Affairs, (requested paper)

STOJANOV, R.; DUŽÍ, B.; NĚMEC, D.; PROCHÁZKA, D. (2017): Slow Onset Climate Change Impacts in Maldives and Population Movement from Islanders’ Perspective. KNOMAD Working Paper 20, April 2017, World Bank Group, Washington, D.C.

STOJANOV, R.; KELMAN, I.; ULLAH, AKM A.;  DUŽÍ, B.; PROCHÁZKA, D.; KAVANOVÁ BLAHŮTOVÁ, K. (2016): Local Expert Perceptions of Migration as Climate Change Adaptation in BangladeshSustainability, 8(12): 1223.

KELMAN, I.; STOJANOV, R.; KHAN, S.; ALVAREZ GILA, O.;  DUŽÍ, B.; VIKHROV, D. (2015): Islander Mobilities: Any Change from Climate Change?” International Journal of Global Warming, 8(4): 584-602.

UPADHYAY, H.; KELMAN, I.; LINGARAJ, G.J.; ARABINDA, M.; SHREVE, C.; STOJANOV, R. (2015): Conceptualizing and Contextualizing Research and Policy for Links between Climate Change and Migration. International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, 7(3): 394–417.

STOJANOV, R.; KELMAN, I.; SHEN, S.; DUŽÍ, B.; UPADHYAY, H.; VIKHROV, D.; LINGARAJ, G.J.; MISHRA, A. (2014): Contextualising Typologies of Environmentally Induced Population Movement. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal,  23(5): 508-523.

STOJANOV, R.; KELMAN, I.; MARTIN, M.; VIKHROV, D.; KNIVETON, D.; DUŽÍ, B. (2014): Migration as Adaptation? Population Dynamics in the Age of Climate Variability.  Brno: Global Change Research Centre, Academy of the Sciences of the Czech Republic. ISBN 978-80-87902-03-5

CAHLÍKOVÁ, Z.; STOJANOV, R. (2013): Development-induced Displacement and Sustainable Development: The Case Study of Slezská Harta Dam in the Czech Republic, Problemy Ekorozwoju – Problems of Sustainable Development8(2): 75-84.

STOJANOV, R. (2012): Environmental Change and Migration. In: Elliot, D. and Segal, U.A. (eds.) Refugees Worldwide. Volume One: A global Perspective. Praeger Publishers. Santa Barbara: Praeger, pp. 55-89. ISBN 978-0-313-37807-2

Migration Politics, Remittances, Aid and Development

STOJANOV, R.; BUREŠ, O.; DUŽÍ, B. (2017): Migration and Development Policies: The State of Affairs before the 2015 European Migration Crises in the Czech Republic and Its Current Implications.
Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 50(3): 169-181.

STOJANOV, R.; DUŽÍ, B.; BUREŠ, O. (2016): Coherence of Czech migration and development policy at the beginning of the economic recession (2008–2010)Geografie, 121(3): 419–436.

STOJANOV, R.; STRIELKOWSKI, W. (2013): Remittances as the more powerful tool of development aid in developing countries. Prague Economic Papers, 22(4): 487-503.


Climate Change and Adaptation

DUŽÍ,B.; VIKHROV,D.; KELMAN, I.; STOJANOV, R.; JUŘIČKA, D. (2017): Household Measures for River Flood Risk Reduction in the Czech Republic. Journal of Flood Risk Management, 10(2): 253-266.

STOJANOV, R.; DUŽÍ, B.; KELMAN, I.; NĚMEC, D.; PROCHÁZKA, D. (2016): Household Adaptation Strategies to Climate Extremes Impacts and Population Dynamics: Case Study from the Czech Republic. In: Milan, A.; Schraven, B.; Warner, K.; Cascone, N. (Eds.): Migration, Risk Management and Climate Change: Evidence and Policy Responses. Springer, pp. 87-103. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-42922-9_5 ISBN  978-3-319-42920-5

STOJANOV, R.; DUŽÍ, B.; DANĚK, T.; NĚMEC, D.; PROCHÁZKA, D. (2015): Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Extremes in Central Europe: A Case Study in a Rural Area in the Czech Republic. Sustainability, 7(9): 12758-12786.

STOJANOV, R.; KELMAN, I.; DUŽÍ, B.; PROCHÁZKA, D.; DANĚK, T. (2015): Floods and migration in the Czech Republic. Forced Migration Review, 49: 49-50, Oxford University.

DUŽÍ,B.; VIKHROV,D.; KELMAN, I.; STOJANOV, R.; JAKUBÍNSKÝ, J. (2015): Household Flood Risk Reduction in the Czech RepublicMitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 20(4): 499-504.

STOJANOV, R.; DUŽÍ, B.; JAKUBÍNSKÝ, J. (2014): Climate Change and Floods along the Brahmaputra: Migration Factors in Bangladesh. In: Stucker, D. and Lopez-Gunn, E. (eds): Adaptation to Climate Change through Water Resources Management Capacity, Equity and Sustainability.  pp. 67-88. Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-63593-6

VIKHROV, D.; STOJANOV, R.; DUŽÍ, B.; JUŘIČKA, D. (2014): Commuting patterns of Czech households exposed to flood risk from the Becva river. Environmental Hazards: Human and Policy Dimensions, 13(1): 58-72.

DUŽÍ, B. et al. (2014): Environmental Changes. Adaptation Challenges. Brno: Global Change Research Centre, Academy of the Sciences of the Czech Republic, p.71. ISBN 978-80-87902-04-2

STOJANOV, R. et al. (eds., 2013): Global Change and Resilience. From Impacts  to Responses. Brno: Global Change Research Centre, Academy of the Sciences of the Czech Republic. p. 284.ISBN 978-80-904351-8-6