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Book Chapters


Vom Demokratiedefizit europäischer Nationalstaaten: Elektorale Exklusivität im Vergleich. (German) In: Andreas Glaser (ed.): Politische Rechte für Ausländerinnen und Ausländer? Dokumentation der 8. Aarauer Demokratietage. Zürich: Schulthess-Verlag (co-authored with Joachim Blatter and Andrea C. Blättler)

Working Papers


What Happens/ed to Inclusion? A Plea and Three Proposals for Closing the Gap Between Democratic Theory and Empirical Measurement of Democracies –Working Paper #64, IPSA Committee on Concepts and Methods Working Papers Series – Political Concepts (co-authored with Joachim Blatter and Andrea C. Blättler)

The Immigrant Inclusion Index (IMIX): A Tool for Assessing the Electoral Inclusiveness of Democracies with Respect to Immigrants – Working Paper #8, 2nd edition, Working Paper Series “Glocal Governance and Democracy”, Department of Political Science, University of Lucerne (co-authored with Joachim Blatter and Andrea C. Blättler)

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