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Hey there! I am Selçukhan, currently a second-year PhD researcher at the EUI, under the supervision of Professor Nicolas Petit. This web site is set up to deliver informal reviews of books I read during my PhD, dealing with antitrust, technology, innovation, and evolutionary economics. The pieces will be in English as well as Turkish. Interested? Read on!

For my PhD, I mainly address how European antitrust law influences and interacts with digital technologies, and vice-versa.  I analyze these relationships from a broad vantage point, including morality, technological architecture, regulatory mindsets, and pacing. This means I get to read literature touching upon various disciplines, such as antitrust law, technology and innovation policy, liberalism, economics, and strategic management

Of course, reading a lot becomes daunting at times – things become harder to remember and differentiate, for a start. In order to benefit both my own studies, as well as those interested in similar areas of knowledge, I decided to dedicate this web site for book reviews. Here, I will aim to regularly publish reviews of books I find entertaining. Instead of formal reviews, though, I plan to write in an informal manner, incorporating my own views frequently, drawing on other strands of literature to hopefully create a repository of the things I learn throughout my doctoral journey. 

As for myself,  I was born in Turkey and obtained my LLB there, and subsequently completed my Master’s in Belgium as a Jean Monnet Scholar. Having worked in research in collaboration with several organizations and governments, such as the European Commission and the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office, I also spent some time in a private law firm in Istanbul, working on competition law and regulation. To date, my research has been funded by the European Commission, Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My written works have been published, or are forthcoming, in the Journal of World Investment & Trade, the Journal of Law, Market & Innovation, the Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, and the University of Iowa’s Journal of Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems. I also publish regularly in Turkish.