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List of publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles

‘Verticalization of Data Sharing and the Difficult Path to “Eunnovation”‘ (2023) 7 (2) Market and Competition Law Review 131.

‘Procuring Sustainability – How the Public Sector Can Deliver on its Greening Potential’ (2022) 32 Journal of Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems 33 – co-authored with Harri Kalimo et al.

‘Resurrection of the Comfort Letter: Back to the Future?’ (2022) 15 (25) Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies 37. 

‘Competition, Privacy, and Justifications: Invoking Privacy to Justify Abusive Conduct Under Article 102 TFEU’ (2022) 1 (2) Journal of Law, Market & Innovation 123. 

‘Scaling the Great Wall: The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment and Market Access’ (2021) 22 (3) The Journal of World Investment & Trade 347. 

Contributions to Edited Books 

‘Esnek Ekonomi Rekabet Hukuku Kurallarını da Esnetmeli Mi? Platform Çalışanlarına Rekabet Hukuku Perspektifinden Bir Bakış’ in Kerem Cem Sanlı, Dilan Alma, & Deniz Tanlı (eds), Uygulamalı Rekabet Hukuku Seminerleri 2022 (On İki Levha Press 2023) – co-authored with Barış Yüksel in Turkish. 

‘Fesih Sonrası Rekabet Yasaklarının Dünü ve Bugünü’ in Yılmaz Aslan, Gamze Aşçıoğlu Öz, & Kerem Cem Sanlı (eds), Nurkut İnan’a Armağan (On İki Levha Press 2022) – co-authored with Armanç Canbeyli in Turkish. 

Blog Posts, Working Papers, and Other Publications

‘Killer acquisitions in digital markets may be more hype than reality’ (VoxEU CEPR Column, 15 September 2023) – co-authored with Marc Ivaldi and Nicolas Petit, available here.

‘States as Firms: Regulation in the Digital Age’ (The Digital Constitutionalist, 19 May 2023), available here.

‘A Dynamic Formulation for the AEC Test’ (DCI Contribution to European Commission Call for Evidence, 24 April 2023) – co-authored with Bowman Heiden, Nicolas Petit, and Thibault Schrepel, available here.

‘Killer Acquisitions: Evidence from EC Merger Cases in Digital Industries’ (2023) TSE Working Paper No. 1420, available here.

‘A Deep Dive Into the Denizens of Morality, Technology, and Law: Are Digital Platforms Different?’ (Indian Journal of Law and Technology Blog, 15 February 2023), available here

‘Some Implications of Transatlantic Trade Issues on Competition Law’ (Kluwer Competition Law Blog, 18 January 2023), available here

‘Do First-Mover Advantages Last?’ (Network Law Review, 21 December 2022), available here

‘Of Instigators and Consummators: How Should Law Respond to Technological Change?’ (The Digital Constitutionalist, 8 November 2022) – co-authored with Elina Nerantzi, available here

‘Avrupa Birliği Genel Mahkemesi’nin Google (Shopping) Kararının Bir İncelemesi’ (2022) BASEAK CORE Papers No. 18 (SSRN) – co-authored with Barış Yüksel in Turkish, available here

‘The Revised Informal Guidance Regime Brings Little to the Table – If Any’ (Kluwer Competition Law Blog, 12 October 2022), available here

‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Filicide: Antitrust’s Make-or-Buy Problem Reinvigorated’ (Kluwer Competition Law Blog, 27 September 2022), available here

‘Diligence Is Due Indeed: Competition Law as a Barrier to Sustainable Supply Chains?’ (Kluwer Competition Law Blog, 4 July 2022), available here

‘How to Rein In Fossil Fuel Subsidies? Towards a New WTO Regime’ (2021) Graduate Institute of Geneva Centre for Trade and Economic Integration Working Paper – co-authored with Simon Happersberger and Eleanor Reyes Mateo, available here


‘A Comparative Approach to Regulating Digital Markets’ – guest lecture in “Competition Law and Regulation in Digital Markets Certificate Program’, organized by the Competition Law and Policy Center at Istanbul Bilgi University, 19 December 2023, Istanbul, Türkiye.

‘Killer Acquisitions: Evidence from EC Merger Cases in Digital Industries’ – conference presentation in the 19th Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Law and Economics (SIDE), 13 – 15 December 2023, Brescia, Italy.

‘The Verticalization of Data Portability’ – conference presentation in “Business-to-Business Data Sharing within the EU Digital Market”, organized by the Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies (University of Warsaw), 14 – 15 September 2023, Warsaw, Poland.

‘The Verticalization of Data Portability’ – conference presentation in the 4th APULIA Conference, organized by Bocconi University, 6 – 7 July 2023, Milan, Italy. 

‘Precautionary Antitrust and Generative AI’ – conference presentation in “Emerging Technologies and the Law”, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), 5 July 2023, Istanbul, Turkey. 

‘Protecting Less Efficient Competitors’ – conference presentation in ASCOLA 2023, organized by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens & Hellenic Competition Commission, 29 June – 2 July 2023, Athens, Greece. 

‘Protecting Less Efficient Competitors’ – conference presentation in “Digital Technologies, Public Policy, and Competition Law”; organized by Erasmus University Rotterdam & Tilburg University, 1 – 2 June 2023, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

‘Protecting Less Efficient Competitors’ – conference presentation in “Competition Law and Economics European Network (CLEEN)”; organized by the Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI), 25 – 26 May 2023, Mannheim, Germany.

‘A More Technological Approach to European Competition Law’ – conference presentation in “Dynamic Competition Applied”; organized by the European University Institute, University of California Berkeley, and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, European University Institute, 13 – 14 April 2023, Florence, Italy.

‘Killer Acquisitions: Evidence from EC Merger Cases in Digital Industries’ – presentation with Professor Marc Ivaldi and Professor Nicolas Petit, at the Competition Law Working Group of the European University Institute (EUI), 27 January 2023, Florence, Italy. 

‘Should the Gig Economy Stretch the Boundaries of Competition Law?’ – presentation with Barış Yüksel, at the Competition Law Working Group of the European University Institute (EUI), 14 November 2022, Florence, Italy. 

‘Do First-Mover Advantages Last? Implications for Antitrust Law and Policy’ – conference presentation in ‘Competition in Digital Markets’; organized by the Jean Monnet Chair of Digitalization of EU Law (“DIGITEUL”), Koç University, 30 September 2022, Istanbul, Türkiye. 

‘Resurrection of the Comfort Letter: Back to the Future?’ – conference presentation in ‘EU Competition Law Enforcement: Challenges to be Overcome’; organized by the Jean Monnet Network of Enforcement of EU Law (“EULEN”), University of Warsaw & Bocconi University, 26 – 27 May 2022, Warsaw, Poland.