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List of publications

Selçukhan Ünekbaş, ‘The Resurrection of the Comfort Letter: Back to the Future?’ (Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, forthcoming).

Selçukhan Ünekbaş, ‘Competition, Privacy, and Justifications: Invoking Privacy to Justify Abusive Conduct Under Article 102 TFEU’ (2022) 2 Journal of Law, Market & Innovation 123.

Selçukhan Ünekbaş, ‘Diligence is Due Indeed: Competition Law as a Barrier to Sustainable Supply Chains?’ (Kluwer Competition Law Blog, 4 July 2022) <>.

Armanç Canbeyli & Selçukhan Ünekbaş, Fesih Sonrası Rekabet Yasaklarının Dünü ve Bugünü in Aslan, Öz, & Sanlı (eds), Nurkut İnan’a Armağan (On İki Levha 2022) (Contribution to edited book in Turkish, concerning the treatment of post-contractual non-compete clauses in European and Turkish antitrust laws).

Selçukhan Ünekbaş, ‘Scaling the Great Wall: The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment and Market Access’ (2021) 22 (3) The Journal of World Investment & Trade 347.

Simon Happersberger, Eleanor Mateo, & Selçukhan Ünekbaş, ‘How to Rein in Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Towards a New WTO Regime’ (2021) Graduate Institute of Geneva and Georgetown University Working Paper.