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During my Ph.D., I presented my research at the following events:

October 2018, Scuola Normale Superiore (Firenze): Women’s full access to the labour market: a fairy stereotyped tale?

October 2019, Conference Equality Law in Europe: A New Generation (EUI): The identity and the role of male applicants in gender equality EU jurisprudence 

November 2019, Conference Gender in Law and Courts: Uneasy Uncounters?  (EUI): Systemic Discrimination and Gender Stereotyping: the two sides of the same coin? (with prof. Marie Mercat-Bruns)

June 2020, Conference Gender Based Approaches to the Law and Juris Dictio in Europe (Universita di Pisa):  Who are male applicants in gender equality European jurisprudence, and what do they do for women rights?