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List of publications

      Peer-reviewed articles

          Is International Law International? Exploring its Normative Underpinnings’ (2018) 54 Questions of International Law 5-19

– ‘Protection of the Environment During Armed Conflicts: An Appraisal of the ILC’s Work’ (2016) 34 Questions of International Law 


 ‘The Environment in Armed Conflicts: Draft Principles’ (2016) 46 Environmental Policy and Law 19-23

 ‘Towards a Coherent Framework for Transnational Corporations’ Responsibility in International Environmental Law’ (2013) 24 Yearbook of International Environmental Law 131-165  

         Chapters in edited books 

      – ‘Autonomy and Uncertainty: Increasingly Autonomous Weapons Systems and the International Legal Regulation of Risk’  in Nehal            Bhuta et al, Autonomous Weapons Systems: Law, Ethics, Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2016) 284- 300 (co-authored with                Nehal Bhuta)