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List of publications

Articles in refereed journals
2019 T. Fournier, From rhetoric to action, a constitutional analysis of populism. German Law Journal, 20(3)

Articles in other journals
2020 T. Fournier, The constitutional legitimation of authoritarian regimes : a comparative analysis of apartheid South Africa and communist Hungary, EUI LAW
2018 T. Fournier, Construction et déconstruction d’un système juridique, l’exemple Philippin, Les Cahiers Portalis
2015 T. Fournier, Interpol et les droits fondamentaux, preuve de l’effectivité du droit international, Les Cahiers Portalis
2014 T. Fournier, La responsabilité de protéger, L’actualité de la pensée de Louis le Fur, Les Cahiers Portalis 

Policy reports
2020 T. Fournier, M. Meyer-Resende, Phase Two of Covid-19 Responses Across the EU, the Rule of Law Stress Test Continued, Democracy Reporting International Report
2019 T. Fournier, How the EU Can and Should Protect Democracy, the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights in Defiant Member States?, School of Transnational Governance Policy Brief
2017 T. Fournier, Act for a Better Implementation of Shari’ah Justice System in Muslim Mindanao, The Asia Foundation 

 Journalistic articles
2020 T. Fournier, Non, le modèle italien n’est pas celui du confinement total – TheConversation 

 Book reviews
2021 T. Fournier, “Islamic Law and International Law: Peaceful Resolution of Disputes” by Emilia Justyna Powell, European Journal of Legal Studies (forthcoming in the 2021 Autumn issue)

Opinion pieces
2021 T. Fournier, France’s embarrassing endorsement of the political transition in Tchad – Euideas
2020 T. Fournier, Crise du Coronavirus et état d’urgence sanitaire en Italie – JPBlog
2020 T. Fournier, The Italian State of Emergency: Responses and consequences for fundamental freedoms – Euideas 
2017 T. Fournier, Populist Constitutionalism? Defining populist rhetoric – constpolblog
2017 T. Fournier, Le programme constitutionnel de Marine le Pen – verfassungsblog