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List of publications


  • Review: R.Griffiths, M. Broad, Britain, the Division of Europe and the Creation of EFTA 1955-1963 (2022) Sehepunkt (2023).
  • “Supplying Europe: The Euratom Supply Agency at 60”, Euratom Supply Agency (2021).


  • “Well disposed to us”: Diplomatic networks, Anglo-German relations, and the British applications to the EEC, 1967-1972.”Diplomacy situated: settings, personas, practices. New Diplomatic History Network, University of Turku, May 25-27 2023.
  • ‘Anglo-German relations and European Integration 1960-1972’: Regensburg-Passau Research Colloquium, University of Regensburg, May 11-12, 2023.
  • “Britain, West Germany and the economic problems of the first EEC enlargement 1970-1972.” A means to what end: the interrelation between visions of Europe and economic policies. CfP 18th Annual HEIRS Conference, The University of Glasgow, September 16-17 2022.
  • “Cold War Partners? West German Diplomatic practice in bilateral negotiations with the
    United Kingdom during the ‘Troop Reductions Debate’ : 1955-1960.” Diplomacy between Crisis and Cooperation. New Diplomatic History Network, Aarhus University, 27-28 May 2021.

Other events:

  • “The Diplomatic Briefing: British Foreign Office appraisals of West German diplomacy during the second and third British Applications to the EEC, 1967-1971” presentation at roundtable and workshop: The Time of Diplomacy. Diplomatic History Working Group, European University Institute,  6 October 2021.