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List of publications


Timothy Jacob-Owens,  25 Years of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance: Impact in the Field of Equality (Council of Europe 2019) [available here]

Timothy Jacob-Owens, ‘Bilingual Education for Romani Children: Theory and Practice’ (2017) European Centre for Minority Issues Research Paper No. 98 [available here]


Lorenzo Piccoli, Jelena Dzankic, Timothy Jacob-Owens and Didier Ruedin, ‘Pandemic-Era Travel Has Been Restricted Worldwide, But Not Everyone Has Been Affected Equally’ (The Loop – ECPR Political Science Blog, 14 April 2021) [available here]

Timothy Jacob-Owens, ‘A Breakthrough for Language Rights in Northern Ireland’ (Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog, 18 February 2020)  [available here]

Timothy Jacob-Owens, ‘Book review: The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship by Ayelet Shachar, Rainer Bauböck, Irene Bloemraad, and Maarten Vink (eds)’ (2018) 11(1) European Journal of Legal Studies 129-135 [available here]

Timothy Jacob-Owens, ‘Book review: Comparative Federalism: Constitutional Arrangements and Case Law by Francesco Palermo and Karl Kössler’ (EUI Constitutionalism and Politics Working Group Blog, 15 January 2018) [available here]


‘Linguistic Justice and Immigration in the United Kingdom’, Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Cardiff (30th March 2021)

‘Restricting Human Movement to Stop the COVID-19 Pandemic: European Policy Variation in the Global Context’ [with Jelena Džankić and Lorenzo Piccoli],  Testing Europe’s Democratic Legitimacy in the Covid-19 Crisis, European University Institute (16th February 2021)

‘Immigration and Multicultural Citizenship in Europe: Insights from the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities’, Global Citizenship Seminar, European University Institute (10th December 2020)

‘Litigating Irish Language Rights in Northern Ireland’, Human Rights Centre Seminar, Queen’s University Belfast (21st October 2020) [available here]

‘Litigating Irish Language Rights in the United Kingdom’, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference , University of Exeter (2nd September 2020)

‘Linguistic Justice and Immigration’, Edinburgh Legal Theory Research Group Work-in-Progress Session, University of Edinburgh (17th June 2020)

‘Linguistic Justice and Immigration under International Law’, Lancaster University Law Conference, University of Lancaster (7th March 2020)

‘Immigration and the Evolving Scope of Minority Language Protection in the United Kingdom’, Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference, University of Edinburgh (4th February 2020)

‘Language Rights, Immigration, and Integration’, Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship Twentieth Anniversary Conference, University of Bristol (10th November 2019)

‘Language Rights in the United Kingdom post-Brexit’, UK Language Policy After Brexit, Queen’s University Belfast (2nd September 2019)

‘Immigration and the Future of Minority Language Rights in Europe’, Language Rights in Europe: Current and Future Challenges, European University Institute (12th June 2019)

‘New and Old Minorities in European Human Rights Law’, EUI-Scuola Sant’Anna Annual Joint Workshop in Legal StudiesScuola superiore Sant’Anna Pisa (6th November 2018)

‘The Right to Revitalisation? A Legal Perspective’, Cambridge Endangered Languages and Cultures Postgraduate Workshop, University of Cambridge (3rd July 2018)

‘Minority Language Rights and the Accommodation of Post-Immigration Linguistic Diversity’, Language and Borders: Rethinking Mobility, Migration and Space, University of Bristol (26th March 2018)

‘Bilingual Education for Romani Children: Theory and Practice’, European Centre for Minority Issues (10th May 2017)