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I am a PhD Researcher at the European University Institute working on political communication,
political psychology, and quantitative text analysis. My thesis focuses on the communication of political parties and their strategic use of emotional language. To trace these emotional appeals, I apply a series of computational and causal inference methods. I also study the effects of
emotional appeals in politics on information processing and political behavior.

As a PhD Researcher, I am currently working at the Department of Social and Political Science at the European University Institute in Florence under the supervision of Prof. Hanspeter Kriesi. As part of my doctoral thesis, I am researching how different political actors make use of emotional appeals in their communication. I am investigating factors that impact the emotional rhetoric of parties and how these emotional appeals impact other political parties and individuals. To do so, I mostly work with large text data sets and apply computational methods (such as topic modelling, scaling techniques, dictionaries and word embeddings, and more) as well as causal inference methods.

For my research visit at the Political Science Department at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, I was awarded with the Fulbright Schuman Scholarship.

Before joining the EUI, I worked as a journalist in European Politics in Brussels and Amsterdam. I also hold a Master in Journalism and Political Communication from the University of Aarhus and Amsterdam University.