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Tunahan Durmaz (b. 1992, Bartin, Turkey) is a first-year Ph.D. researcher in the Department of History and Civilization at European University Institute, Florence. His research mainly focuses on Ottoman and European histories (15th to 18th centuries) with a special interest in social and cultural aspects of communicable diseases.

Durmaz comes from a diverse background of humanities encompassing not only history but also history of art & architecture. He earned his B.A. (with honors) in History and Architecture (minor) in Middle East Technical University in June 2016, and then pursued his master’s studies in Sabanci University where he received an M.A. degree in History in February 2019 with his thesis titled “Family, Companions, and Death: Seyyid Hasan Nûrî Efendi’s Microcosm (1661-1665)”.

Experienced in educational assessment and course management as well, he assisted undergraduate courses in history of art & architecture and cultural history in Sabanci University’s Humanities Courses Division during and after his master’s studies in 2016-2018 and spring 2020.