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I am currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Oslo, after having obtained my PhD from the Dep. of Political and Social Sciences at the EUI in January 2021.

I hold a B.A. in political science from the University of Oslo, and a M.Sc. in international affairs from Sciences Po, Paris. During my studies, I held positions as lecturer, research assistant and teaching assistant.

My PhD thesis empirically examines how decision-making procedures matter for the legitimacy of three international institutions: the UNFCCC climate negotiations, the global trading architecture under GATT/WTO, and the UN Security Council.  Using content analysis, I measure states’ legitimacy perceptions over time in these three institutions, and construct a database with more than 9000 legitimacy statements. I then leverage three reforms that the institutions have implemented in order to test the hypothesis that procedural reform positively affects legitimacy perceptions.

A full abstract of my thesis is available here.

I have also worked extensively on international climate politics, particularly UN climate negotiations and the Paris Agreement. My work has analyzed the effectiveness prospects of the Paris Agreement; the drivers of climate ambition in states’ climate pledges; states’ perceptions of fairness in mitigation burdens; the relationship between fairness and ambition; and the effects of transparency and target ambiguity on climate cooperation and ambition. 

My research on climate cooperation has appeared in journals such as Environmental Politics, Environmental Research Letters, Environmental Science & Policy, and Climate PolicyFor an overview of my publications, please visit my Google Scholar profile. 

Descriptions of my current research projects are provided on the work in progress page. 

Academic interests

  • International institutions 
  • Global environmental governance and climate policy
  • Multilateral cooperation and negotiations