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List of publications

Tørstad, Vegard (2020): Participation, ambition and compliance: can the Paris Agreement solve the effectiveness trilemma? Environmental Politics 29 (5), 761-780.

Tørstad, Vegard, Håkon Sælen and Live S. Bøyum (2020): The domestic politics of international climate commitments: which factors explain cross-country variation in NDC ambition? Environmental Research Letters 15 (2), 024021.

Sælen, Håkon, Vegard Tørstad, Christian Holz and Tobias D. Nielsen (2019): Fairness conceptions and self-determined mitigation ambition under the Paris Agreement – is there a relationship? Environmental Science & Policy 101: 245-254.

Tørstad, Vegard (2018): Håndhevelse og Legitimitet: En Integrativ Vurdering av Parisavtalens Effektivitet, Internasjonal Politikk 76 (1), 47-72.

Tørstad, Vegard and Håkon Sælen (2017): Fairness in the Climate Negotiations: What Explains Variation in Parties’ Expressed Conceptions? Climate Policy 18 (5), 642-654.