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I’m a fourth year PhD researcher at the SPS department, where I am being supervised by Klarita Gërxhani. 

My research focuses on the role of social cognition in reproducing social class inequality. I study how people make inferences concerning the social world and their place in it, and how these inferences contribute to inequality between social classes.  I am interested in how human beings receive incomplete information from social environments characterised by uncertainty; how the inferences they make from this information are shaped by cognitive biases or shortcuts; and how the resulting beliefs contribute to inequality between social classes.

Most of my work has made use of experimental methods. I have coded and administered four online experiments. 

Substantively, I have focussed on rational and irrational motives for class and gender discrimination; the role of reference groups in educational inequality;  and the epistemology of cognitive dissonance. I am interested in expanding my research into the area of linguistics and social movements studies, and would welcome collaboration on those areas.